• OQALUTTUAQTTAAPPUT - To tell each other stories - CD
    OQALUTTUAQTTAAPPUT - To tell each other stories - CD

OQALUTTUAQTTAAPPUT - To tell each other stories - CD

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The music on this CD was created as a sound installation to the exhibition “Quanga” at Nordatlantens Brygge in Copenhagen in the summer 2012. 

The exhibition was part of a dissemination project created by the Danish National Museum is targeted at people in Greenland and Denmark. Through four graphic, scientifically based but fictive, novels stories from Greenland’s prehistory are introduced. The amazing cartoonist Nuka K. Godtfredsen is hired to transform the latest archaeological knowledge into exiting stories of love, hunt, jealousy, spirituality, hunger and friendship. 

The installation consisted of drawings from the first two of four graphic novels, placed in 6 areas of a room, distinguished by the different seasons in which the stories take place. With one basic piece of music binding them all together, 6 pieces of music refer to the pictures of each season and is triggered as the audience approaches them. Seven pieces of music in total, playing together in random order, supporting the expression of the images and melting together as one piece. 

Whilst drawing and painting his landscapes, people and spirits, Nuka hears and feels music in his head. Just like I see and feel landscapes, people and spirits my head, while I make music. The things Nuka heard, he told me, were dirty, brutal, gritty and beautiful. Right down my alley. 

I wanted to make the music as vivid and vibrant as possible while still being a co-player to the drawings. My aim was to describe the emotions and moods of the characters and the environment, rather than making illustrations with sound. I wanted to avoid sounds that have too many connotations, so that the music could speak as directly to the heart of the viewer/ listener as possible. I wanted hand played instruments and melodies. 

Because of the random character of the total piece, I tried to avoid rhythmic structure. I worked around that with a very loose and dynamic rhythmic feeling - kind of like a heartbeat.

1.Toqutsineq, The Killing, Drabet (Winter) 02:41

2.Naapinneq, The Meeting, Mødet (Spring) 03:00

3.Nanoq, Polar Bear, Isbjørn (Late spring) 02:41

4.Kuussuaq, The River, Floden (Summer) 03:39

5.Kaanneq, Hunger, Sult (Autumn) 02:57

6.Piniarneq, The Hunt, Jagten (Early winter) 02:11

7.Oqaluttuaqattaapput, To Tell Each Other Stories, At fortælle hinanden historier 05:13

8.Base Center 17:37

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