• The Worldwide History of Warfare
    The Worldwide History of Warfare

The Worldwide History of Warfare

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The Worldwide History of Warfare is a stunning visual guide, tracing technology and tactics from the ancient world to the American Civil War. Beautiful engravings, artworks and diagrams are combined with an engaging and informative modern text.

A chronological review of tactics, arms and technology is supplemented by thumbnail studies of items of arms and armour – from swords to artillery and siege engines, from helmets to handguns. Perfect for students and re-enactment enthusiasts.

The lavish visual approach shows the evolving profiles of armies and warriors, with anatomies of key technologies and diagrams of famous battles and tactical innovations, with authoritative captions, and a glossary of terms.

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Varenummer: 9780500287996
Periode: Prehistory to Modern Age
Sideantal: 320
Indbinding: Softcover
Illustrationer: Drawings in black/white and colour
Mål (BxH) i cm: 20,5 x24
Forfatter: Tim Newark
Forlag: Thames & Hudson
Udgivelsesår: 2009
Sprog: English


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