• Food - The history of taste
    Food - The history of taste

Food - The history of taste

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This book is unique. It is the first to apply the discoveries of food historians to the romantic appeal of food. Here are the accomplishments of civilizations, from prehistory to the present day, to the pleasures of dining – ingredients, preparation and presentation.

• Why did Europeans lose their love of spices by the nineteenth century? 

• How did coffee and chocolate change European habits and international commerce? 

• What were the origins of sophisticated Arabian food customs? 

• How did France’s grand cuisine take over the world? 

• When and where did restaurants begin?

Here are Zhang Dai’s lovingly recorded memories of the crabs, clams and junket enjoyed in China before the fall of the Ming; the first celebrity chefs in the Classical world; how sugar from the West Indies profoundly changed European taste; meals recalled in detail by Proust – far more interesting than the mere madeleine; and how two journalists discovered nouvelle cuisine.

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Lager statusPå lager
Varenummer: 9780500251355
Periode: Prehistory to Modern Age
Sideantal: 368
Indbinding: Hardcover
Illustrationer: Drawings and photos in b/w and colour
Mål (BxH) i cm: 21 x 26,5
Forfatter: Paul Freedman
Forlag: Thames & Hudson
Udgivelsesår: 2007
Sprog: English


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