• Shanes monsters - UK version
    Shanes monsters - UK version

Shanes monsters - UK version

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In this book you can meet 12 creatures, all of which have roots far back in time. Some of them are over 2,000 years old. Back then monsters were a natural part of people's reality. The monsters gave them a language and an understanding of all the emotions that characterized everyday life.

Do you sometimes get scared, angry, sad or just jubilantly happy? All feelings are real, even the unpleasant ones. All emotions are there for a reason. And they are actually important to make room for, because emotions allow you to show the world around you how you feel.

Although we humans may not believe in vampires and dragons today, we still create monsters. For example, when we don't dare to talk about our feelings we create inner monsters and we all do that from time to time. When we don't dare to be honest, monstrous emotions arise in and between people, just like in the old days. But if we can talk openly about the feelings that fill us, it becomes easier to understand and accept them, and perhaps it becomes easier to let them go again.

Perhaps the 12 monsters in this book can help you figure out what emotions are filling you and how to deal with those difficult emotions. Because the more we understand our emotions, the less afraid we become of them. In the book you will, among other things, meet Mare, the monster of fear, Blemmya, the monster of sadness, Basilisk, the monster of uncertainty and Krake, the monster of love.

The Monsters exhibition has previously been able to be experienced in the ruins of Christiansborg, but now it has been moved to Kronborg Castle, where it can be seen from the winter holidays and onwards.

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Varenummer: 42359
Periode: Modern
Sideantal: 36
ISBN: 9788762741164
Indbinding: Hard back
Forfatter: Shane Brox og Olene Bergman
Forlag: Gads Børnebøger
Udgivelsesår: 2022
Sprog: English


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