• World Textiles - A sourcebook
    World Textiles - A sourcebook

World Textiles - A sourcebook

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Highlights from all nine volumes of the highly successful "Fabric Folios" series to create the essential single-volume textile and design sourcebook.

Featuring textiles from the Balkans, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Central and South America, this book reveals an eclectic selection of 150 textiles that illustrate the richness and diversity of world textiles. With commentary that highlights the key features of the designs and sets them in their social and cultural context, this book gives insight into the significance of pattern and symbolism and tells the stories behind these spectacular works.

Awash with vibrant colour, fascinating motifs and an assortment of striking and intricate patterns, this sourcebook offers a wealth of inspiration for using colour and pattern and is a must- have for anyone interested in textiles and design.

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Varenummer: 9780714150932
Periode: Prehistory to Modern Age
Sideantal: 358
Indbinding: Softcover
Illustrationer: Photos in colour
Mål (BxH) i cm: 22,4 x 22,4
Forlag: British Museum
Udgivelsesår: 2012
Sprog: English


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